Most of us will experience times in our lives when we need support. You may feel overwhelmed, lost, stuck or as though you are not right in yourself. You may have noticed that you feel particularly anxious or low in mood. Maybe you find yourself preoccupied by unresolved past experiences and losses which are intruding into your present life. You may be struggling with significant pressures and stresses at work or in your home life. Maybe you have noticed that some of your behaviours feel harmful or destructive. Any of these would be good reasons to seek out therapeutic support.

Therapy can provide a non-judgemental, emotionally safe and confidential space to help you explore your problems and gain insight into the way you feel and behave. As your therapist, I have no agenda other than your support and emotional wellbeing and seeking support from someone outside your circle of family and friends can mean it feels easier to open up and be honest. Therapy can help you to deepen your awareness of who you are and better understand your relationships with family, friends, colleagues and romantic partners. Engaging in therapeutic work can also enable you to reflect on the challenges you are currently facing and to either find a way to resolve them, or to accept them and move forward.

I understand that the idea of beginning therapy can feel daunting and confusing and that you might be unsure whether this is the right approach for you. If you feel uncertain and would like to know more or have any questions that are not answered here, then please feel free to contact me, with no obligation of starting sessions.

I am registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the British Psychological Society (BPS) and you can check my accreditation on their websites.